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What to do if Your Red Dot Dies Mid-String

What to do if your red dot dies mid-string?

If you are in the middle of a shooting string or in need and your red dot craps out, it’s not the end of the world. Your bullets won’t go flying off into space.

Chances are your bullets will land close enough to count if you just use your RDS body as an emergency ghost ring.

Our regulars know about my truck gun project and that I did it on the cheap. One of the options at the time was to mount a very old, and very cheap red dot we had laying about the armory. Read that as free.

Well…it has finally died. And with some of the exciting low-cost / high-value RDS options on the market these days, I am anxious to go shopping for a legit upgrade that won’t cost more than the rifle.

Why? Because it’s a freaking truck gun! That’s why!

But figured it would be a good opportunity to demo the theory about the emergency ghost ring concept. Full disclosure, I am in NO WAY advocating choosing to do this. I am in no way suggesting buying a sub-standard RDS and “getting away with it”.

All I am demoing is, should you throw your RDS up for a committed shot and the magic red dot isn’t there, just press ahead with the sight picture you have. It just might be enough to solve the problem at hand.

And of course, no holier-than-thou, SEAL Team 47, Night-Elf-MoHawk, operator would ever, ever, ever forget to turn on his RDS, change the battery or otherwise invite the mistakes of us mere mortals.

You think the last paragraph is facetious? No worries, they will be along shortly in the comments to grace us with their awesomeness.



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