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POTD — HK VP9 Glamour Shot

Image cropped in featuring the pistol.

I had a chance to cross paths with a professional photographer the other day. He had the typical giant camera with an even bigger lens on it. While I am not a big camera guy, I have been paying more attention to such things since we run social media accounts.

In chatting with him, he mentioned that his particular setup was really good for portrait photographs that keep the object in focus while “blowing out” the background. I always thought that was a neat trick and mentioned my iPhone does the same thing via software.

The original unedited image. Bruise and all. I think it’s a neat photo.

Being a photographer holding a $3000 camera he, politely, took umbrage at that and wanted to show me what a “real” camera could do.

I was about 25 feet from him. I unholstered my weapon and held it out for him to demonstrate.

Image cropped in featuring the pistol.

This photo is the result. Don’t hold the bruise on my arm against me. I took a hit last week and it’s taking forever to go away. I never bruised like that when I was 20. Never.



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