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CORBON’s MPR Rifle Load

Corbon MPR Multi-Purpose Rifle Round

CORBON introduced a new MPR-Multi Purpose Rifle load for home defense, general shooting and hunting. The new bullet features a guilding metal jacket with a specially formulated lead core for rapid, violent expansion while minimizing overpenetration.
The resin tip combined with the bottail base reduces drag to increase ballistic coefficient to a level CORBON claims is the highest in the industry, making these loads shoot flatter, farther and with less wind deflection.

Loads include:
.223 Rem. 55-grain 3000 fps
.223 Rem. 69-grain 3000 fps
.223 Rem. 77-grain 2800 fps
.22-250 Rem. 55-grain 3700 fps
.243 Win. 70-grain 3400 fps
.300 Whisper 125-grain 2250 fps
.300 AAC Blackout 125-grain 2250 fps
.308 Win. 125-grain 3100 fps
.308 Win. 168-grain 2700 fps
.30-’06 Sprg. 168-grain 2900 fps
.30-’06 Sprg. 175-grain 2800 fps
.300 Win. Mag. 168-grain 3300 fps
. 300 Win. Mag. 175-grain 3200 fps


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