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Coyote Hunting Perch

Coyote Hunting Perch
Coyote Hunting Perch In the rafters.

While working on the range barn, I was hit with an idea like a bolt of lightening. Why not put a small door in the barn rafters and use that as a shooting / hunting position on the range. Primarily hunting coyotes. 

Coyote Hunting Perch
Took this pic standing on top of the berm. The coyote perch view will be higher by probably 5 feet.

The best part is, this perch will be inside the spray insulated, fully HVAC controlled barn. So it’s easily usable 365 days a year. Rain or shine. 

Yes the potential exists to also just use it as a regular rifle range shooting position, but none of the preset target array’s will match: 100,200,300,400y etc. 

Basically up there, you get what you get. And maybe the occasional coyote as well.  







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