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Cracked 1944 Finnish Mosin Nagant Getting Ready For Coyote Hunting.

Left side cracked. Easier to see.

As some of you are aware, Freeze at one time was a very large Mil-Surp collector. Specializing in WW I and WW II firearms and weapons. He has a particularly strong Comm-Bloc collection. Which is where this story begins…..


Now that all the gut piles have gone and the long hard winter is wrapping up, its time to get ready for some Coyote culling. I’m not sure what the status of the “yote” population is nationally, but in our neck of the woods it is getting to be quite a problem. Very small children and pets are at risk not only is the rural areas. But we get complaints from homeowners in suburban and even urban townships. As such predator culling has been a growing task.


This particular cycle is going to start in extreme rural. After some discussion, Freeze wanted to run one of his mil-surp “shooters”.  Due to some time constraints with his current 7 days straight shift, he tossed me said rifle and some 54R ammo to check POI/POA with the irons.


Not a problem since I had to be on the range anyway for some other commitments. It was a brisk 28 degrees and I got in 10 shots at the 50 and 100 yard (his sites are in meters) ranges. The rifle was hitting as expected at 50 and 100 yards.  Frankly, I was impressed as I packed it up and went on to finish the range obligation.


After getting back to the bench, I was quick to break out the Mosin and clean the corrosive Com-Bloc residue out of the barrel and action.


Long after I had finished the hot-water liquid Joy regime did I notice the stock had cracked at the pistol grip / rear-tang. It would seem this rifle sat so long (Freeze says at least 7 years) that the action screws backed out (not likely) or they weren’t put in tightly to begin with (likely) and cracked the stock immediately.


Frankly, I didn’t even consider checking the action screws on the old bolt-gun. But…you can clearly see now, how the action was not seated to spec and put undue stress on the wood. The good news Freeze was looking to buy an aftermarket Mosin for a “target build”. He just needed to find a barreled action that meet his accuracy needs.


Congratulations, Freeze. I found you a barreled action. Right out of your very own gun-room!




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