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Most Interesting Gun at SHOT: Bondhus CL380 By Scott Mayer

Bondbus CL380

Most Interesting Gun At SHOT Show


As expected, SHOT Show this year was awash with AR-15-type rifles and accessories and it was quite by accident that in the sea of modern sporting rifles I stumbled upon what I think was the most interesting new gun at the show. The Bondhus CL380 is being billed as the “smallest most accurate multi-shot .380” pistol and it reminded me some of both the “Chicago Palm Pistol” and the Nazi belt buckle guns, though the Bondhus doesn’t function like either of those.


It folds flat and can fit inside a cigarette pack. There are some fine motor manipulations necessary to get the two-shot into action, and even if really used for defense the power of a .380 Auto out of barrels this short won’t rank highly as a manstopper. There’s an optimistic integral laser sight on this “get off me gun,” and a finger guard that should make it more difficult to wrap your fingers over the muzzles if taking a two-handed grip.


While this really isn’t a practical primary defensive gun, it arguably may have some value for deep concealment. So far, the Internet buzz is from people wanting it purely as a novelty until they see the $795 suggested retail price. Practical or novelty, this one may eventually get tagged by the ATF as an “Any Other Weapon.”


–Scott Mayer


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