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Cracked Keepers Concealment Holster…Again

So…while getting changed to work out I took off my AIWB rig and set it on the bathroom counter. 

It’s only then when the light hits it just right I see a big-ass crack on the trigger guard. 

“Awww…Fuck!”, was the spontaneous utterance that is admissible in court. 

I’d have to look it up. But this is the second Keepers Concealment holster I have broken. In what? Maybe 2? Maybe 3 years? Honestly don’t have a clue. 

But that begs many questions:

  • How long should a holster last?
  • Are AIWB holsters more easily broken?
  • Are true Kydex holsters more easily broken?
  • Should a $175 holster last more than 2-3 years?
  • Am I retarded? 
  • Do I call Keeper’s Concealment for a THIRD holster? 
  • If I do, does that make me a dick?
  • Maybe this is normal for “home-brew” kydex? 
  • Have I ever broken any other brand of holster? (no)
  • What if it takes 6 weeks again?
  • Maybe I should just move on? 

Now here’s the problem. The Keeper is my ONLY AIWB rig for the vp9. I carry AIWB 95% of the time. Nobody carries a ready-made holster for VP9. 

Like I said initially, “Awww…Fuck” about sums it up. 





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