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Suppressor Over-gasses AR-10: Resolution

Suppressor overgas chapter 2
Suppressor overgas chapter 2

Special note: Some minor audio issues with the popping since the wind was very high that day. 20+ mph. 

So this is a chapter 2 video to the original, “Suppressor Over-gasses AR-10”. 

The owner of the rifle has installed an adjustable gas-block which has given him the ability to control bolt speed. Additionally, while trying to diagnose the issue, he discovered his original bolt and carrier were not operating in spec. 

Important note: Just because a weapon fires, squirts a round down range, and ejects brass? That doesn’t mean it’s running right. Specifically it might very well be operating on the ragged edge of function. 

So filming slow-motion video was critical in ID’ing and diagnosing function issues. Especially after installing the adjustable gas block. 

Conclusion: Pigs in Texas are going to get whacked by this AR-10.






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