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They Underestimated Him

Belt Buckle Knife Airport
Belt Buckle Knife at airport.

So…while traveling today, I had to go through the usual firearms check-in procedures. 

At the counter was an employee who seemed like a helper. I say that since he was obviously special needs and had some physical, speech and possibly some mental challenges. But he was smart enough to know I was waiting on TSA to give my guns the thumbs up. 

Belt Buckle Knife Airport
Belt Buckle Knife at Airport. Could I get through a security station with that? No. But I’m not someone dismissed as being harmless.

Frankly, I don’t think most people ever talk to him and he doesn’t try to make eye-contact. But he was nearby and being nice is a currency I trade in. 

After about 10 minutes of chit-chat, he looks at me and asks, “Can I tell you a secret?”. Sure. You know I’m in.

It’s at that point he explains that even TSA never catches his hidden pocket knife when going through security. He doesn’t specifically say it, but the inference is nobody gives him a second  glance because of his condition(s). 

Even if he has to take off the belt and put it through the X-ray machines. 

I don’t care what the cool-kids think. The guy has heart and does what he can to have options for self-rescue. Doing better than most of the soy-boys who throw him shade. 







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