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Custom 7.5×55 Barrel

Custom 7.5 Barrel. Blaser R8. GRS Ragnarok. J. Sipp & Sons.
Custom 7.5 Barrel. Blaser R8. GRS Ragnarok. J. Sipp & Sons.

Testing a new barrel we had made by J. Sip & Sons out of Utah. It’s chambered in the 7.5 Swiss round (7.5×55). 

Most shooters in the United States will know this ammo as GP11  made for the K31 Swiss, straight pull, service rifle. 

We have all heard the trope that GP11 is as close to “match” ammo as one can get in military surplus circles. Which eventually gets morphed into, “GP11 is match ammo”. Which it most certainly is not! 

But with a new manufactured barrel from J. Sipp & Sons? With the inherently accurate Blaser R8 rifle system? And the stability of the GRS Ragnarok chassis? How good can we get it to shoot?

This first 5 shot group at 100 yards measures out to a confirmed 1.03MOA. I’ll take that! And…I am confident I can tighten this up with more trigger time. 

Which is going to happen because we already have 3 cases of GP11 in The Armory. 

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