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Staying in Position
Staying in Position

One skill I like to own. And one habit I like to reenforce is the tendency to stay behind the rifle and looking through the glass. It sounds simple and the benefits are obvious.

But if you are always coming out the glass for small admin tasks in training? You’ll come out of the glass for small admin tasks when shooting for real. 

Key points I personally watch out for:

  • Building a strong position behind rifle. 
  • Being able to see target while admin’ing. 
  • Is reticle / sight picture changing under recoil? 

This also applies to semi-autos. Adjusting the optics. Changing magazines. Working parallax, safety, bolt-catch, Etc. 

Final notes: The GRS Ragnarok Chassis is a relatively new item for me. It’s fully adjustable. And super comfortable. But it also transforms the Blaser R8 into essentially…a whole new gun. 

And what do we do with new guns? Figure them out. 

So not only am I paying attention to hits on steel and paper down range. I need to REALLY pay attention to what is going on behind the rifle. 

Once that is squared away, I’ll be setup for success with the really long range shooting that is coming. 

Thank you for joining me on the range. 

Targets: Start with very small steel. Once I registered a miss, switched to paper to orient the POI.





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