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Doc Buys a Red Dot

SIG M17 Red Dot Sight
Doc Buys a Holosun

Well you knew it was coming. Doc has never run a red dot on a handgun. But when the Sig M17 was released with a factory RDS cut, I think playing with one was inevitable. 

Other than zeroing, this is the first time Doc has shot the Holosun. He did quite well. The key to transitioning to a RDS is dry-fire, dry-fire, dry-fire. Work out the presentation of the dot a home. Doc is 73. If he can do it, you can do it. 

Now the 64 million dollar question: Will Doc keep shooting the red dot? I don’t know. He doesn’t need it. His vision is better than  most 40 year olds. But I suspect the Holosun will stay on the M17 so he can develop the skill






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