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Don’t Dis The Rifle

DPMS Precision rig in 308. Successfully engaged at first round his at 760 yards.

Personal reality check. Sometimes I forget that people watch what I do closely. Sometimes too closely. Gun people in particular are really bad for this. Let me explain.

Yes, you will see some fancy, rare and high-end weapons on our social media properties. It is what it is. But at the end of the day, it’s out picking up YOUR favorite bullet-launcher and hitting your desired target at will.

This individual DPMS DOPE Adjustments.

Example: Probably the single best shooter that I personally know runs a DPMS 308 rifle as a precision rig. He’s done it so long, if I am not mistaken, he has replaced the barrel on this rifle once already. Not because the barrel wasn’t up to snuff. Far from it. He shot it out.

Every blue dot is an active Police Sniper. There isn’t a “fancy” cool-kid rifle to be found here.

Some of you are like, “So what?”. Think about it. There are two ways to really smoke a barrel. The first is to hammer the hell out of it and basically burn it up. The second is to slowly shoot the barrel out across many, many, many, many thousands of rounds of slow fire.

Remember when I said this is a, “Precision rig”? Pay attention to that. Because the ole boy shoots. A lot. Consistently. Over multiple decides. And the DPMS never fails to deliver.

DPMS Precision rig in 308. Successfully engaged at first round his at 760 yards.

On this day, he got a first round hit on a man-sized steel plate at 760 yards.

Stop making excuses. You might fool losers and gun-forum commandos with them. But the actual shooters? They’re too busy getting it done, with the very rifle you are dis’ing, to listen to your sob story.



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