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Doping PPU 155g Match

Blaser R8
Blaser R8 shooting 155g PPU match ammo.

When working up dope charts and confirming data, it takes time. And…I like to do it alone. 

No…I’m not anti-social. I just like to concentrate on the ballistic curve. And actually memorize the shape of it. Why? This helps me recall the elevation settings, aka “come-ups” on the scope. 

PPU Match 308 ammo.
PPU 308 Match 155g.

This session took 68 rounds. The temperature was 84 degrees with a wind speed gusting as high as 14 miles per hour. 

Not ideal. 

GRS Ragnarok
Yes, I still write everything down my hand on the range.

But got it done with quite a bit if fine tuning. I know this is kind of beating a dead horse, but in America there is a bias towards heavier / bigger bullets. I know dudes with think 168g 308 ammo is lightweight. 

Blaser R8
Blaser R8 shooting 155g PPU match ammo.

However…if you are running a slow-twist euro-centric rifle, this PPU 155g match stuff is pretty legit. And it’s fast too. Just a different way around to the barn door I suppose. 






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