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Long Term SRO wear and durability.

So the issue of the SRO and durability has come up. Haven’t looked up the exact dates, but I have been carrying the EDC X9L daily for over two years. 

Yes really. Everyday. 

The gun has somewhere approaching 8000 rounds through it. Should be more, but we do shoot other guns for videos. But I digress.

When discussing the Trijicon SRO two subjects come up: “It’s not duty rated” & “Does the brass hit the glass?”. 

As for the first topic, I can state without reservation that the SRO is pretty damn tough. And yes, I have dropped it. For real. The biggest being while doing sprints in the parking lot and having it skitter across the asphalt. 

The internet comment sections say it should have broken. Which is a misunderstanding of what “duty rated” actually means, or a lack thereof. Not being duty rated doesn’t denote the SRO as being “fragile”. It most certainly is not.

What duty rated actually means, in practical terms, is if you try to break the item is certain ways, it should not break. Or break easily. That doesn’t mean it can’t or won’t break. Duty rated stuff breaks all the time. 

Conversely…I believe the SRO is plenty durable for civilian CCW carry. If the lack of duty rating keeps you awake at night? Then don’t carry it. But if you prefer the SRO or wish your RDS screen was larger, get the SRO. 

SRO objective: Without a doubt the SRO is a larger red dot system. Not only hight wise, but footprint wise. If your pistol ejects brass more vertically than horizontally, the glass sitting so far forward could cause collisions. 

Know your gun. 






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