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Dot Torture Drill

1911 Wilson Experior - Dot Torture Test.
1911 Wilson Experior - Dot Torture Test.

When I filmed this video, I hadn’t shot a gun in just about 4 weeks. The main reason being spending too much time securing the new range tractor. 

Now that is over, I could just feel my pistol foundation get weak. So instead of running the big gun with a RDS on top, why not just shoot irons and kinda “start over”. 

That is the main reason why I keep the Wilson eXperior Full Size iron sighted. I never want to lose that iron sight familiarity and skill should I need it. 

The drill is shot at 3 yards. And frankly I feel like I am slow as molasses. As such, I just drew from appendix without concealment. Baby steps. Fundamentals. Never feel ashamed or frustrated to work fundamentals. 

That’s your foundation. 






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