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Accuracy International 50BMG
Accuracy International 50BMG Top view.

So that one team that has the Accuracy International AX-ELR showed up on property again today. They shot some targets across the course. 

Accuracy International 50BMG
At the main rifle shooting position.

But at the end, they needed to maintain qualification on the 50BMG. Damn thing should be called the 50 Traumatic Brain Injury. 

Accuracy International 50BMG
Every shot is government paid for. And you know what? NOBODY shoots even one more round. Than necessary.

First shot. I am 17 yards behind it, with electronic Peltors on and BLAM! Instant ringing ears. I forgot to double-up my ear-pro. For the rest of the quals, I sat behind my truck. Why. By the time the great clock in the sky hits my 80, I’m going to be deaf as a stump. 

Good grief. 

Literally, nobody likes this gun just because of the over-pressure. 






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