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Draw From Concealment Work

Concealed Draw Work
Concealed Draw Work

Just putting in some work with my carry gun: EDC X9L. 

I know I kinda harp on it but it needs to be said. If you are a civilian reading this. And you carry a handgun for self defense. The number one skill you will be best served by is drawing from concealment and getting a first round hit. 

Look. Running and gunning is cool. And it makes for GREAT youtube videos. But unless you are going to go through life with a gun always in hand? Ya better start working on that draw. 

And here’s the GREAT news! Drawing from concealment and getting a first round hit is not a high volume shooting endeavor. So no COVID-19 / Marxist Insurrection ammo excuses Hell! If you are honest with calling your shots, you can get quite a bit of it done in dry-fire! 

So…next time you are at the range, start your sessions with a weapon holstered. If you find getting that master grip on demand is difficult? That is what we call a clue about your holster selection. 

Maybe modify it or buy a better one. 






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