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P08 Luger – German Bubba?

German P08 Luger. Mismatch pistol. 42 Luger Replacement parts.
German P08 Luger. Mismatch pistol. 42 Luger Replacement parts.

So here’s the story with this video. We have a German P08 Luger in the reference collection. It’s a shooter grade, non-matching example. And we paid a shooter grade, non-matching price for it. 

No big deal. 

However…we have recently learned that the WWII German Army used a “42” code on replacement Luger parts. But it just so happens that code was also used by Mauser as their maker’s code. 

What does any of these have to do with the price of hotdogs in Frankfurt?

It turns out the “non-matching” part on our Luger has the S/42 code on it. So the question is: Was this part swapped in Germany during the war? Or in the US after the war? 

We don’t know either way, so have decided to turn it over to the viewers in hopes of coming to a consensus of some kind. Whatever is decided we will update our records accordingly. 

The John1911 Armory is a type-collection not a variant collection. So deep dives on certain makes and models is not in our wheelhouse. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated. 

Is it a Bubba gun? Or is there more to the story? What say you?






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