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EDC Pocket Dump

EDC Load out.
EDC Load out. EDC Pocket Dump.

I don’t believe I have ever done one of these. And if I am being completely honest, it’s because I find most of these “This is my EDC” pictures to be completely fabricated bullshit. 

Two guns. 3 knives. All kinds of hidden, fetishized garbage. The entire genre is a dumpster fire of weekend warriors and wannabes. 

I’ve carried every day, every way since the early 1990’s. The first rule of carrying a handgun is to actually carry one. If I left the house thinking I would need a gun? I would have left with a rifle or shotgun. 

Now…let’s look at my EDC.

  • One Gun.
  • One Reload.
  • One small knife.
  • One watch. 
  • One wallet.
  • One flashlight.
  • One set of keys.
  • One cell phone. 

That’s A LOT of damn gear. A lot. 16 hour day? 16 hour EDC. 24 hour day. 24 hour EDC. This is a huge commitment. HUGE. As a matter of fact, as I write this, I am sitting in a chair outside of DC wearing all of this stuff. If I was home, I would be wearing this stuff. 

Now let’s get into my EDC philosophy


What can I say? “American Express. Never leave home without it”. You’ll need two things to survive in the modern world: Credentials and credit. Don’t believe me? Go ask the guys living under a bridge how they are doing without it?

EDC Load out.
EDC Wallet.


I’m old. I always wear a watch. One, it doesn’t need batteries. Two, I don’t need to look at my phone to check it which pulls me into e-mails and alerts. Three, I can glance at a watch while face-to-face with someone and they not detect it. 

EDC Load out.
EDC Watch.


Be it for your car. Domicile or keys to the city, professionals have responsibilities. And with responsibility comes keys. Show me a person who doesn’t have keys, they either are the King of England or the King of Their Moms Basement. 

EDC Load out.
EDC Keys


Don’t kid yourself. In many ways a phone is more potent than a gun. You can call for help. Locate your position. Video events. Prove your innocence. Or pass the time playing Solitaire.  Chances are any battle or bump-in will be won or lost with your phone, not your iron. 

EDC Load out.
EDC Phone.


Flexibility here. The first thing to dump should I need to dump something is a knife. If I am not wearing a belt, I don’t carry the knife. I don’t believe in folding knives and therefore only carry a fixed blade. This one. I know it. I understand it. It’s light. Fast. Strong. And economical. Meaning I can toss it in an emergency.  I also use it to cut everything. Literally everything. Knife nerds don’t like that. Knife nerds don’t live the real word either. Some guy who has spent 3 years cutting up boxes with a warehouse boxcutter, is probably more dangerous than some guy who pocket clips something with Benchmade or Cold Steel embossed on it. 

Actually I know so.

EDC Load out.
EDC Knife


These are very important. I worked nights for 19 years. Back alley’s, shit holes, dive bars, dope houses, dark parking lots, mansions. I’ve seen and “not seen” it all. Some real crazy, unbelievable bullshit. I always carry a primary Surefire light. And I always carry a small light on my keychain. 

And these days, every cell phone has a flashlight built in. While not tactical or cool, sometimes it just comes down to battery power. Not ruggedness. 

EDC Load out.
EDC Flashlight.

Gun / Backup Guns

My choice is to carry one full sized gun I can fight with at my maximum level of skill. I don’t carry BUGS. I carry a reload. I am not saying I have never left a reload behind. But in over 25 years, it’s rare. Damn rare. I loathe it. Way less than 10 times in 25 years. 

I’ll dump a reload if my “gun is too big” to CCW. Not make an excuse to grab a pocket-rocket. One just has to be willing. Most aren’t. That says more about the user’s will than the size of the pistol. 

EDC Load out.






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