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EDC X9L Holes-in-Holes Drill

Wilson Combat EDC X9L Group
EDC X9L Holes-in-Holes Drill

Some have asked if I shot the EDC X9L for the Holes-in-Holes drill. I did. Here is the best group. The goal is to shoot 5 shots through the same sized hole as the first bullet. So for 9mm, that would be a .355 hole. 

Didn’t pull that off here. But it’s the journey, not the destination with such drills. Also…considering how hard it is for many to get ammo, I figure a 5-shot drill that works on extreme fundamentals might be of interest. 

I attribute the smaller group with the Wilson eXperior to the extremely nice trigger-pull on that example. We spec’ed the EDC X9L to have more of a duty-grade trigger. Which isn’t an excuse, but something to be aware of. 

One needs to manage and or master whatever trigger they are running. Tricked out or duty. My trigger-pull isn’t the target’s problem. It’s my problem. So there is more work to be done here!

Again, as of November 2020, I am shooting this drill at 3 yards / 9 feet. If I ever get to the point of shooting a .355, 5-shot hole constantly at this range, I’ll move back to 4 yards. 

Not holes touching. Not a cloverleaf. A single hole that’s the measured diameter of your bullet. Shot standing. Two handed. 

Citing whatever test target or accuracy guarantee your blaster comes with, only tells me you read the brochure. And has zero to do with you actually shooting a .3” group at 9 feet. My advice is to get off the gun forums. Check the egos. And shoot the drill. 






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