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EDC X9L – Magazine Design

EDC X9L Magazines
EDC X9L Magazines

The Wilson EDC X9L double-stack series of guns have a significantly less bulky grip and feel when compared to a traditional 2011. 

How do they do this? Simple. Wilson decided to use a ground up 9mm magazine tube that not only holds 18 rounds. But also presents the 9mm round more directly into the chamber. 

The benefits of this are obvious. The user gets a smaller, more ergonomic grip without sacrificing service-pistol firepower. The feed-way of the pistol is more reliable and less cumbersome when cycling rounds into the chamber. This is because a 9mm magazine puts the 9mm higher into the system.

But wait, there’s more… 

(Sorry, I couldn’t help myself). 

Wilson has added 1/10” to the length of the trigger guard. This gives some breathing room for users who want to run long / flat triggers while also wearing “real” cold weather / work gloves. An often under appreciated feature of duty pistols. 

Wilson really thought long and hard about what they were trying to achieve with the EDC X9L guns.






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