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EDC X9L: Extractor Design

EDC X9L Extractor Design
EDC X9L Extractor Design

The EDC X9L pistol is a 1911 built for modern duty standards. And anyone who is truthful about the original 1911 designs knows changing and maintaining the extractor is as much an art as a science. 

And while guys like me who are heavily invested in that skill might make the argument that it shouldn’t be changed; modern service guns don’t work like that in the 21st century. A modern extractor should be robust and plug-n-play. 

Finally, the EDC X9L is designed from the ground up to run a 9mm sized round. Traditional 1911s that run 9mm are basically kind of a kludge. Sorry. But it’s true. 

The EDC X9L is setup to feed a 9mm round from 9mm designed magazine with a 9mm designed extractor. And the corresponding reliability is something to behold for an old dog like me. 






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