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EP-269: The Bomber Mafia Was Wrong

The John1911 Podcast
The John1911 Podcast

Episode 269 of the John1911 Podcast is now live:

  • Malcom Gladwell’s book is all wrong.
  • Springfield to make 2011 pistols?
  • The Walther PPK has always been junk.
  • Is Putin false flagging his inner circle?
  • No way the White House didn’t know about the Trump raid.
  • Or…if they didn’t, who’s running the White House?
  • Liz Cheney goes Lincoln Project.
  • Rabid fox gets after it.
  • What happened to her face?!?
  • Valet crashes La ferrari.
  • Tyson Fury accidently advocates to gun rights.
  • Media buries lesbian social worker psychopathic blackmail.


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