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Springfield Goes 2011(tm)

Springfield 2011. Springfield Prodigy. Springfield double stack 1911.
Springfield 2011. Springfield Prodigy. Springfield double stack 1911.

Springfield Goes 2011(tm)

So it leaked a few days ago. Springfield Armory has come out with a double stack 1911. What they brand as the Springfield Prodigy. Which is colloquially known as a…2011. I have to say colloquially because the 2011 designation is a trademark owned  by Staccato. 

The Prodigy is a double-stack 1911 style pistol, that I am told accepts Staccato – STI style magazines. 

Being honest, I didn’t see this pistol coming from Springfield. Which looking back was an oversight. With all the foreign 2011-ish type guns coming into the US, there definitely is a market for a $1500 MSRP 2011. And Springfield would be silly to not grab some of that market. 

Will we be picking one up? Probably not. I’ve said it before so I will say it again: I think the 2011-style guns are over-railed and over-lugged for 9mm. I worry about the traditional extractors losing tension. 

But perhaps the 2011 makers are machining the curve like Wilson does? 

And finally, the 2011 body is stupid fat for such a small 9mm round. Why is that you ask? This footprint of gun was invented to accommodate the 45ACP sized cartridge. Or put another way, think of a Glock 21, with Glock 21 magazines, stuffed with 9mm rounds. 

Would you shoot a Glock 21 in 9mm or a Glock 17? Most would chose the slimmer Glock 17. 

Irrespective if your choice, that makes for a fat-ass gun. But it also makes for an inexpensive gun. The prints and specs for the 2011 are in the public domain. And multiple magazine brands already exist with little to no R&D spend by Springfield. 

Will these sell? Yes. Will Springfield only make these for a limited time? No. The double-stack 1911 is the future of the 1911 and will be catalogued in perpetuity. 

That is my guess anyway. 






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