The John1911 Podcast

EP132 – IV8888 Drama, NRA Closing, GRS Ragnarok Chassis

Ep 132 is in the can:

  • Is Joe Biden really getting the nomination?
  • Freeze connects on the head at 300 Yards.
  • PPU ammo is a John1911 Favorite.
  • MSNBC admits gun control allows Maduro survival.
  • IV8888 gets paid for gun reviews faux outrage.
  • NRA is screwing up badly with it’s members.
  • Blaser confirms 22lr kits for R8 hit US in July.
  • The GRS Ragnarok Chassis impresses.
  • Farrakhan is “right wing” according to media.
  • The Coachella Herp-Alert Story.




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