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Howa 300 Yard Headshot 

Zeroing Howa 1500 100 to 300 yards. 308.

So Freeze was out on the range with his version of a precision rifle: the Howa 1500 hunting rifle in 308.

Not kidding. That’s a pretty modern rifle for an old MILSURP collector! 

But when it’s all said and done, this Howa shoots pretty well. Actually, better than just well. I’m not saying it can run with the big dogs at PRS or “across the course”. But I’m getting more and more confident it can do whatever he would want out to 500 yards. 

Today we got a glimpse of its potential at 300. 

The only thing holding this rifle back is the factory 10x scope it came with. But…I’m not inclined to change it. Here’s why:

If Freeze settles on a maximum point blank zero (MPB) or another zero that is simple to recall the hold overs out to 500? 

Why change the scope if he’s not dialing in adjustments? It’ll likely last a while as it sits.

I say zero it. Don’t touch the knobs. And shoot it until he actually breaks something. “Run the gun you brung”. 







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