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Bayonet Lug Install PTR-91

How bayonet locks to lug on rifle.

A few weeks back, we realized that an old armory project was long overdue. Actually two projects. The first was to reconfigure the PTR-91 truck gun back to it’s factory stock. The second was to install an original G3 bayonet-lug and bayonet.

In short, convert it to a standard military configuration and then place it back into the reference collection.

The stock part was easy. Remove the two rear pins and swap out the furniture. The bayonet was also easy, but it did require a small amount of drill work. Let me explain.

At the front of all G3 / HK91 / PTR-91 rifles is a gas piston cover. This cover is removable on the PTR variant by way of a conical plunger. What is left is a small hole in the tube.

Bayonet sits above barrel.

Well…the bayonet lug on military G3’s uses that same cover as a mounting location. The lug requires a sturdier connection. So instead of a plunger, it is locked in through the plunger-hole with a small screw and lock-washer. Easy enough.

But there is a small problem.

The PTR plunger-hole is probably out of G3 military spec and the bayonet lug screw does not fit. Not a huge deal. Just take a drill bit slightly larger than the existing hole and incrementally open it up until the needed screw just barely fits.

So…that is what we did.




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