The John1911 Podcast

EP134 – Gun Channels Whacked, 9mm Tokarev, Range Construction

Ep 134 of the John1911 Podcast:


  • Range Construction – Shelter.
  • Officer Mike’s Machine gun.
  • Falling Plate Rack spall solution.
  • Red 9 Pistol has Chinese Markings.
  • Norinco Model 213 in 9mm.
  • Somebody doesn’t like how I say, “Walther”.
  • Anti-gun teacher arrested for planting ammo in school.
  • Youtube demonetizes gun channels…again. Yawn.
  • The Bernie vs Biden battle.
  • Teresa May resigns.
  • Apple is making iPads & Mac’s outside of China now.
  • The Craigslist Bobcat & Grumpy Cat.




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