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Zeiss Dialyt 18-45×65 Spotter

Zeiss Dialyt Field Glass
Zeiss Dialyt Field Glass. 2019 NRA Show

I have a confession. I have never purchased a “quality” spotting scope. And the reason is quite simple. I have always felt that most spotters spend too much time not being used. 

The spotter / field scope option has some appeal. At least in theory. So I enjoyed finding this model of Zeiss field scope on display at NRA 2019. 

It’s a model called the Dialyt 18-45 power. With 65mm objective. It’s ruggedized and somewhat water resistant. The weight comes in at something just over 2 pounds. 

It’s small enough to be field practical. Hiking, hunting, etc. But powerful enough to look at the next mountain so see what’s over there? 

What are the downsides? Well…at the higher settings, you’ll never be able to use it off-hand. The shake would be too much. So tossing over a pack or bracing against a tree is likely how it would be used. Also…45X is pretty good! Especially for a rifle scope! But the rule of thumb is, you need at least 60X to reliably spot bullet holes on paper at 300 yards. 

Positives? Weight. Very rugged. Water resistant if not outright waterproof. Way more powerful than any binocular set. And since it’s Zeiss, it would likely be something I use for the rest of my life. 

So I dunno. Do you have one? Or have any experience with one? I’d like to hear about it. 






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