The John1911 Podcast

EP64 – MP40 Re-Pop, Ghost Gun SIG P320, Ross Rifle Rehab Done

Episode 64 of the John1911 Podcast is live. Here are the issues we discuss


  • The Ross Rifle Rehab is done.
  • IDF Mauser Slings.
  • The Golden Age of Black Racism.
  • Glock loses appeal on the SIG P320.
  • DPRK “heart attacks”.
  • Ghost Guns P320 Trigger Group?
  • ANTIFA protestors get the beatdown.
  • White Marble is racist?
  • Freeze talks about his misspent youth.
  • No pride in Log Cabin Republicans by Gay Pride.
  • PHL-17 TV reporter gets wasted, forgets she’s not oppressed.
  • Freeze considers moulding his own AR lowers.
  • Will Sean King take a DNA test for charity?
  • Vegan activist denied because she is too annoying.

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