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Eye Relief before Ring Height

First off before we get started. This video is long. And somewhat repetitive in that it approaches the same problem from two different directions. If the subject is not something that you need to hear right now, watching this will be like watching paint dry. Just skip it. 

Yes. I really said that. Why? Because it’s true. And I don’t need the view count. It’s about helping a particular viewer who is seeking advice. 

So…what’s the question? Scope over bore offset. How important is it really? And the pitfalls to avoid if you ABSOLUTELY MUST obsess on this. 

The short answer? Skip it. It’s just easier to remember height. And in this age of flat-top AR-15’s? You’ll notice we don’t hear constant whining about how large scope-over-bore offset on AR’s will get you, “Kilt on da streetz”. Even among the sniper and DMR crowd. 

That’s a clue. 

But…if you have money and time to burn, go ahead and shave the glass as close as you can to the base or barrel. Probably won’t make any difference in your shooting, but you’ll look cool. 

I learned this lesson the hard way. 






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