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POTD – MG42 7.62 Barrel

New Manufacture MG42 / MG3 7.62 NATO barrel

Quick project update. And something of a lesson. Since we started publishing info on various builds and projects in the armory, the number one question we get asked in messages is, “How did you guys find that?”

And without fail, nobody is ever thrilled to hear the answer: “We bought it years ago”. 

The original MG42 Machine-gun.

But what that REALLY means is we have a running list of projects in the armory.  In the short term, all the parts are collected and is ready for build. In the long term, we set  goals of “That would be great to have”. And then spend months and sometimes YEARS sourcing the parts. 

The modern MG3 chambered in 7.62NATO. German Army

So…look at this photo. A 7.62 NATO barrel for the infamous German MG42 machine gun. Not impossible to get. But most MG42 systems were obviously made in 8mm. But…the MG42 lives on today as the MG8 and is chambered in 7.62 NATO. 

Took a few months. Looked around at the potential sources. Figured out what a good price should be. And then waited with funds. Some months later, Boom! Brand new 7.62 MG42 barrel in hand. 

New Manufacture MG42 / MG3 7.62 NATO barrel

Do we have a complete kit ready for building? Not even close. But sourcing the barrel and knowing the caliber sets the direction for the rest. 

It’s not sexy. It’s not flashy. And doesn’t provide instant gratification. But slowly but surely…we’ll cross the finish line on it. 







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