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Fall Fashion Week: S&W 442

Fall Fashion Week. S&W 442 J-Frame 38 Special.
Fall Fashion Week. S&W 442 J-Frame 38 Special.

For many years I refused to even purchase a j-framed revolver. Why? I didn’t want to be tempted to carry it! Yes I really think that. I am of the opinion that guns like this breed laziness and bad habits. 

People who think they can only carry J-fames suffer from the same mindset about lifting weights or working out. Stop making excuses and get in there and get it done. The J-Frame is the gun world’s version of the TV remote. 

There. I said it. Are there times one HAS to carry a J-Frame? Theoretically…yes. I just think those decisions should be made by someone who either outranks you, or signs your paycheck. 

Now to this gun.

We purchased this gun used. For the reference collection. It’s a S&W 442 38 special revolver. Not being up on all the variants, I suspect this example is not a standard cataloged item. It appears  to be aluminum with possibly a nickel finish? 

Anyone have any feedback on that?






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