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Steel 9mm 1911 Recoil

Steel 1911 9mm Recoil
Steel 1911 9mm Recoil

Some of you have seen my recent MEMEs calling for all 1911s to be in 9mm. And while I understand that is a very provocative idea amongst the traditional 1911 crowd, I really think it has some merit. 

Hear me out. 

  1. Everybody should have a 45 1911. Let’s assume we all do. 
  2. 9mm single-stack 1911s are a large percentage firepower increase at 10+1.
  3. Modern HP ammo technology is focused on 9mm. 
  4. Wilson 9mm magazines have proven themselves in the platform. 
  5. 9mm shoots very flat. So there is minimal hold-over at distances like there is with 45ACP. It’s point and shoot under stress. 
  6. Finally there is steel. Steel 1911s in 9mm recoil so softly that sight disruption seems minimal for even novice shooters. That equals faster, accurate follow-up shots. It almost seems like cheating. 

I look at it like this. Many people carry “pocket rocket” sized guns for CCW. These guns might have a capacity of anywhere from 7-15 rounds. If given a choice between a 10-12rd compact pistol that is hard to hold; and a single-stack, 10rd gun that allows a full grip, that also soaks up recoil at speed? 

I’ll take the single stack 1911 in 9. 

If you are a 1911 guy? You owe it to yourself to at least try the 9mm 1911. They are something really, really special.





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