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FBI Selects Glock 9mm

Glock 17 GEN 4 Black

I will start off by saying that I know as much as you do regarding the FBI’s decision to choose a Glock 9mm as the next standard service pistol. Also like many of you, I too had heard that the FBI’s RFP basically seemed written to give the SIG P320 the win.

FBI Shooting Glock

Now before we all start going off the deep end assuming certain things and ignoring others, let’s step back and look at the big picture.

There seems to be a lot of group-think that the FBI’s Glock pistol won’t have finger grooves. The logic behind this theory is simple, “Because it can’t. The RFP says so”. Uh huh. The same RFP that was certainly written that, “only the SIG P320 can win”?

Well the SIG didn’t win so why are we still using the official RFP as a basis for anything? I’m not.

FBI Agents Shoot Glock
FBI Agents Shoot Glock

Here is my opinion. I believe the FBI pistol is a GEN 4 G17/19. When I physically see otherwise, I’ll believe otherwise. And here is MY logic.

Glock GEN 4's FDE Lined Up for Zeroing.
Glock GEN 4’s FDE Lined Up for Zeroing.

I know bureaucracies. I know how they think. And I know how they justify their decisions. Do you really think that in just a few short months of testing, the FBI in one fell swoop will switch from 40 to 9mm, change Glock models, and then have that model tricked out with radical, custom design features, not tested in the open market, and not found on Glocks used by other agencies?

SIG P320
SIG P320 — Did not win the FBI contract besides being the odds on favorite. On paper anyway. 

You know. Take the Glock standard that won the contract and then…make it… non-standard? Seriously?

According to the internet, this new uber-Glock will supposedly have one or more of the following:

As of yet unknown GEN 5 frame.
No Finger Groves.
Modular frame.
Different grip angle (Which means custom mags)
Custom rail.
Yadda, Yadda, Yadda…

Good luck with that. The gun-geek-fantasy bias is running rampant on the internet today. If there is a “FBI Model” Glock, it might have a few extra bits bolted on to it like specific sights, roll-marks, and magazines pads. But nothing the home gamer can’t already buy or already has.

Shooting Glock at FBI Academy
Shooting Glock at FBI Academy

If the FBI wanted a crazy new Glock with one or more of these custom features, they wouldn’t have gone with a Glock. They would have chosen the SIG!

Nobody chooses a Glock to be different or custom. And the FBI won’t be any different. They chose the same Glock as the rest of us: a GEN 4 Model 17/19. Black frame and night sights. Get over it.

The FBI is known for their radical, forward thinking, said no-one ever.
The FBI: A cutting edge corporate culture, said no-one ever.




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