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Fiberoptic Sight – What Happens If?

Fiberoptic Front Sight falls out.
Kilt on da streetz???

Long story short: What happens if your fiberoptic front sight falls out? 


Long story long:

The sight is still useable as I have tried to show in these pics. But I have a confession. This was really user error. Yup. My fault. 

A day or two earlier, I had noticed the front sight was getting loose and moving back and forth during some dry fire practice at home. Made a mental note to fix it in The Armory the next day. 

And guess what happened? I got busy and forgot. Started shooting the gun at the range and…bloop. It was gone. No big deal. Sights still work. Sight picture still works. Sight post still lines up in the notch for accurate shots. 

Wilson Experior & EDC X9L
The King, The Heir & The Spare. A CCW concept about having more than one gun ready for carry. Should the primary go down, be lost, or a smaller gun is needed? The X9L is the King. The eXperior single stack is the heir. Maybe once day there will be a spare?

All you get is an extra hole where the red FO insert was. When you get FO sights, you should also get a spool of fiber to replace it with.

Now you know it won’t get ya, “Killit on da streetz”. 






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