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Flying with EMT Shears

EMT Shears at Airports
EMT Shears at Airports

Flying with firearms feels like a never ending escalation ladder. Not trying to sound too salty, but I have been flying with guns for 30 years and have seen a lot of changes.

Obviously the biggest change was after 9-11. And the biggest change after that? I would say it was the mass shooting at the Ft. Lauderdale airport. 

Specifically a passenger flew into Ft. Lauderdale with a checked firearm. Landed. Went over to the luggage claim. Withdrew his checked firearm from his baggage and proceeded to shoot up the area. Douche bag. 

Ever since then “some” airlines, have instituted a policy of zip tying firearm luggage closed. Not all. Just some. The zip ties they use are fairly large and stout. 

Initially I was using fingernail clippers to cut them. But then they started to use more commercial grade zip ties that clippers couldn’t handle. So I have escalated to carrying cheap EMT Shears in my carry-on. 

So far no issues. And should I run into a TSA agent who decides these things are verboten in carry on? I’ve only lost 3 bucks. 

The logic: I have long had a policy to “gun up” as soon as possible when traveling with firearms. Typically this happens inside a rental car. But I would be lying if I said I never surreptitiously gunned up inside the back of a cab or private shuttle. 

Why? Experience has shown, many airports are in very, very bad areas. 

The zip ties policy was interfering with my CCW SOP. When it escalated to making it super hard to open up my luggage, I in turn escalated to EMT Shears. Eventually some TSA agent will seize my shears. After that happens, I will start to fly with two pairs. One in my carry on. And a backup inside my locked gun case. 

The battle is never ending. 





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