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Are Kimber’s Accurate?

Kimber Rapide 1911
Are Kimber’s Accurate?

If a gun is accurate, it’s good right? Yes and no. A lot more goes into the equation of what is considered good. There is no doubt that Kimber’s are combat accurate guns. As we have shown here. 

The trouble comes when you factor in such things as dehorning and the quality of parts and fitment. Lower priced guns like this Kimber start to tear up soft hands on new shooters, at higher round counts. 

But more importantly, Kimber’s have two known fundamental flaws. Fitment and quality of parts. Where this really starts to show itself is at higher round counts. Either the lower quality parts catastrophically fail. Or even more insidiously, poorly or unfit parts, beat themselves out of spec over time, causing serious degradations in accuracy and reliability.

Take this gun up to 3000-5000 rounds, and I doubt you’ll arrive there with no breakages or reliability issues. You might. But I highly doubt it. 

Does that make Kimber a bad 1911? Or even a bad gun in general? You want the cold, unvarnished truth? For most of you, no. Why? Ya’ll simply don’t shoot enough to see these issues. Most gun buyers purchase all kinds of firearms and shoot any one example of them…very little. 

Don’t believe me? Real shooters spend way, way more money on ammo than they do on guns. How many of you own $500, $1000, $1500 pistols and put 3 grand worth of ammo through any single one of them? Ok. How about every, single year? Now what if I told you $3000 a year in ammo isn’t really all that much. 

See my point? 

Kimber’s business model is to sell guns to the masses that meet their shooting needs, at attractive price points, with lots of upscale features. But doing so by saving money on the inside where their customers will never notice. 

So if you are 1911 curious, go ahead and buy that Kimber. Most 1911s are inherently accurate enough. At least at the round counts you are talking about. If the 1911 bug takes, you’ll move up to more expensive models. And if not, these Kimber’s are cheap enough they are easy to sell.






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