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FN HIPER Pistol design. Apparently only intended for LE and MIL sales. I suspect that won’t last forever.

FN released info about this pistol a few days ago. Looking at the promotional material, it appears they do not intend to sell it to civilians. At least not yet. 

However two things strike me as important about this design. First, they have adopted the “ergonomic style” that first appeared on the HK P30. Now copied by VP9, Walther PPQ, Beretta APX, Canik, etc, etc, etc. 

Is that design the definitive future? Or a temporary fad like bell-bottoms and feathered hair. Only time will tell. 

The second, and even more important feature, is the magazine release. Having gone on record stating the HK lever system is superior; while the ambidextrous button system of the FNS/509 to be inferior; the appearance of this “third way” grabs my attention.  

Why? Well…it accomplishes the need for ambidextrous mag buttons, while also eliminating accidental activation during such scenarios as using a handheld flashlight, AIWB carry, and rolling around on the ground fighting with people. 

I am VERY intrigued. 






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