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North American Sheep Grand-Slam

North American Sheep Grand Slam.
North American Sheep Grand Slam.

Took these pics in Cody Wyoming. What you are looking at here is considered one of the greatest feats in hunting: The North American Sheep Grand-Slam. 

Well less than 200 people have ever achieved this feat. The reasons being a combination of difficulties: Cost of hunts, the limited chance to get tags, the difficulty of hunting / hiking in some of the terrain. And finally…the ability to score a shot in said terrain. 

The 4 types of sheep are: Dall, Stone, Bighorn and Desert Sheep. 

I like hard things. Difficult accomplishments. And earned achievement. Am I a big-time hunter? No. I have hunted some whitetail deer east of the Mississippi. It’s cool. I don’t do it every year. Probably more like once every 8 years. 

But I have to say, the idea of going for stuff like this really appeals to me. The fitness training, using kit as lite as possible, potential for high-angle shooting, managing risks and inclement weather. This is hunting on a level of difficulty I’ve never come close to experiencing. 

The only limitations are money and time. I mean sure, I could spend the money on this endeavor; but for that amount of coin, I’d probably prefer to just buy a machine gun instead. So…in the grand-slam community that makes me an internet poser. 

However with all that being said, deep down in the darkest recesses of my soul, I get this. I really do. It hits me in a way whitetail hunting never has. 

I like hard things.  






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