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Found Blaser 338LM Magazines 

2 mags in the box.

Thanks to a follower we were able to source some factory new, Blaser 338 Lapua magazines; from a retail vender in Europe. Specifically Germany. 

Special thanks to Tim over at Rothe-Waffen for helping us out. Not only does he have GREAT prices on these mags, he was willing to deal with us via Google translate. Basically I would write something in English and then send over the original and the German translation. 

338LM marked. Factory OEM mag.He would then reverse the process in communicating back. 

The only downside was the wait time  for the package to clear German and US customs. Probably took close to 3 weeks. But like I said, his prices are way, way below what these mags sold for MSRP in the US.

New unissued. Immaculate condition.Did I mention we can’t even find these mags on our market and would have paid considerably more? So if you are in the market for Blaser Tactical 2 / LRS2 338 mags, check out his website. It’s in German. Just click on shop or type Blaser in the search bar: https://www.rothe-waffen.de







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