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I really want to take the adult airgun plunge, but the price of some of these guns has been holding me back. At SHOT I saw the new FX Impact and it’s really pushing me closer to getting one because this is a switch barrel where I can shoot .177, .22, .25 or .30 caliber from the same gun. That’s like getting four guns for the price of one and with a retail price of $1,899, that’s a big deal.

The FX Impact bullpup action has a unique match grade trigger system that does not rely on connection rods or linkages, so it has a better trigger pull than you normally would have on a bullpup. The breech and barrel assembly incorporates a quick-change system that allows for any of the four calibers (.177, .22, .25 or .30) to be used. All that is required is an extra barrel and pellet probe for each caliber.

It has a custom tunable air metering system with an outside adjustable air regulator, power wheel hammer spring adjustment and valve return spring tuning, meaning this rifle has few limits in its flexibility to be used by the hunter or target shooter. The FX Impact also comes standard with features that airgunners have come to expect such as an adjustable recoil pad, cheek rest, foster quick fill connector, Picatinny rails, air regulator, and a new ultra quiet shroud system.

One of the things setting this new rifle apart from its competitors is the AR-15 grip design that allows for a wide range of readily available accessories. Other notable features include the match winning “Smooth Twist” barrel, a 480cc weight saving carbon fiber air bottle, AR-15 style safety, large capacity magazine, pressure gauge, and a cocking lever that has been ergonomically placed so the shooter can actuate and fire without loosing the sight picture or cheek weld. The folks at Airguns of Arizona tell me the power is up to 78 ft.-lbs.

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