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Galco 5906 Holster

Galco 5906 Holster
Galco 5906 Holster

As everybody knows I have a weakness for 80’s and 90’s duty guns.  They pop up in various places.  This particular Smith 5906 was a pawnshop find.  Finding the pistols and revolvers can often be only half the battle.  Since I made my bones with pieces like this, I am quite comfortable putting them into my EDC rotation.  The problem becomes finding suitable holsters.

I do not particularly care for kydex for EDC holsters.  The cost is generally pretty high and the lead time can be very long.  Combine that with being an old fart, I just plain ole like leather.  There are still some holster makers putting out products for these older guns.  Maybe I am just being contrary but I don’t mind dropping money on quality leather.  This particular holster is a basic Galco that was new old stock found on eBay.  Back in the

Galco 5906 Holster
Galco 5906 Holster

day, Galco was a mid level player in the duty gun holster space.  There were a few higher quality products out there but there was a lot of really poor quality leather goods also.  Cordura nylon was just becoming a thing and although cheap enough, the quality was often horrendous at best.

This holster is a standard pancake style with a thumb break.  In the 80’s and early to mid 90’s, this was pretty much an industry standard retention feature.  It is probably a little slow compared to some types of holsters today, but not slow enough for me to consider it a reason not to carry with it.  Combined with a good belt, this holster does a good job at weight distribution and keeping the weapon tight to my hip.  I have modernized my belts however and run Kore ratcheting belts and love them.

The bottom line for me, is carry what works for you.  I run some very modern guns and a lot of these old dinosaurs too.  If you have a chance to grab up an older duty type pistol, don’t let lack of holster options stop you.  They are out there!






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