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Gemtech H4 Buffer Test

Gemtech H4 Buffer Test. Barnes H4 Buffer.
Gemtech H4 Buffer Test. Barnes H4 Buffer.

Just as the title says. We have a Barnes H4 buffer in the gun with a Springco Blue (+15%) buffer spring. If you look at the ejection pattern, you can see it get dang close to 3 o’clock. 

It would be tempting to try an fiddle with the setup to get to 3-3:30, but there is another factor to consider. This ammo is loaded about 10% off of what it should be. It’s professional indoor gun-range ammo. 

That makes me suspicious that if I was running full power ammo, it would toss brass at 3-3:30 all day. While the gun will need to be observed for a while during use to make it official, I am calling it…tentatively…done for now. 

The gun ejects this baby-puff ammo and I can’t make it jam by shooting it as fast as I can. 






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