Glock Holster Giveaway.

Urban Carry sent us some holsters to look at. And while we appreciate the sentiment, they are all Glock 19 (maybe 17) holsters. And while I understand Glock is the world’s most common handgun and every holster company makes them, they present three problems for us.

  1. We run VP9 pistols as daily carry guns. And irrespective of what the internet may lead you to believe, handguns are much more difficult to master than rifles. And handgun skills are a higher level of skill than rifles. My point you ask? Serious pistol shooters don’t generally switch carry guns with a lot of frequency. They just don’t. And I am no different. We are not inclined to carry Glock 19’s for 30 days just to test out new holsters.
  2. In the grand scheme of Glocks being the world’s most common handgun, we have plenty of Glock 17 / 19 holsters in the stable already. Holsters we are familiar and comfortable with. See problem one above for more.
  3. In the Glock pattern of guns, the only holsters we are actually in need of are Glock 34-35 (aka the practical tactical) and the Glock 20-21 large frame pistols.

So…we need to get these things out of here. Here’s how. Visit our Youtube channel and the video announcing the giveaway. Like the video (on youtube) and leave a comment on the video (on Youtube) and we’ll use a random number generator to pick from that list.

Glock Holster Giveaway. Click this image to visit Youtube Channel to enter. You HAVE to do it on the Youtube channel. Comments here don’t count.

You don’t just get a holster. You get ALL the holsters, parts, pieces, shoulder rig, thigh-rig, augmented reality mast thing? Yes. That too! The whole kit-n-kaboodle. No charge. We’ll ship on our dime.

Deadline. Get your like and comment in before Wednesday, December 13th and 12:00 noon EASTERN STANDARD TIME.

Clarification: leaving a comment on this page doesn’t do it. I want it on the Youtube page.

How to find the video on Youtube? CLICK HERE or the image in this post.

Thank you all for your time and helping me keep the project list under control in the armory.





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