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Sunset on The Rifle Range

Sunset on the rifle range.

Unlike most people in the Shooting community I always make sure to shoot all year round.


And truth be told, when it starts getting cold; I really enjoy the quiet time. The ranges tend to be empty. The bugs are gone. And the air is crisp. What a great time to check / confirm your cold weather dope!

Yes really. If your confirmed load data was tested in 75 degree weather, you could be in for a surprise when you shoot at 32 or even minus 10 degrees. Yup. I do that too!

Blaser Tactical 2 / R93. 5.56 barrel. S&B PM-II Scope.

You don’t have to test long strings. Check your cold bore zero and some dope out to say 600 yards.

You’ll get a lot out of it. And like I said, the range will be quiet. It’s my favorite time of year to train.



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