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Glock Red Trainer. Glock 17P, Glock 17R, Glock 22P, Glock 22R, Glock 17T, Glock 22T

A few weeks ago we discussed a FBI marked Glock red trainer that sold on the civilian market for $4000. Needless to say that got my attention! While Glock red trainers do cost more than functional Glocks, it’s only by about 20% or so. 

Well…that story brought up a lot of questions about the Glock red guns in general, and I figured we could show some of ours here. But when digging into the armory looking for “red guns”, I found a whole pile of “other” training guns and products to go with the genre. 

Glock Nomenclature 

P – Red, dead guns that act just like an unloaded real gun. 

R – Red, dead guns that have a resetting trigger for dry-fire.

T – Blue guns that ONLY fire UTM marking rounds. 


A Glock 17 could be paired with a 17P, 17R (both red), or a 17T(blue)

A Glock 22 could be paired with a 22P, 22R (both red) or a 22T(blue). 

Personal note: I have only personally seen Glock trainers in models 17 and 22. It is fair to surmise that trainers exist for the smaller 19 & 23 since some agencies issue them. Furthermore, I have known some agencies to issue the larger Glock 21 pistol.

Logically there is no reason to doubt those PD’s might very well have a few Red Glock 21’s stashed somewhere in their training division. 

And if you do? Hook a brother up. 😉




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