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19 Pieces of Steel

Rifle range steel
19 pieces of steel on rifle range.

New for 2021, is our upgraded rifle range. 19 pieces of permanently installed steel.


More challenging targets (read smaller) in the open, and some partially obscured targets in tree lines and brush piles. These will get more difficult to see once spring fully sets in. 

New steel target.
New target in wash. I will be adding a 3″ target here as well.


Last year it became obvious we didn’t have enough challenging steel for the precision guys. Sure, silhouette plates are minute of bad guy out to 600 yards. But having steel that hangs around the 1 to 1.5 MOA mark is where the snipers really get a chance to build confidence in their dope and wind calls. 

Bullshit internet alert: I can already see the comments coming. “I shoot 1/4 MOA groups with my gun all day”. Yes. Some days so do we. GAP & Blaser guns do a good job at that. 

New steel in tree line.
Small plate in tree line. As growth comes in, this will be partially obscured. Being able to set it and possible through “through” to it is good experience.

But understand something about the real world…there is a HUGE difference between chasing holes in holes trying to repeat the same shot 5 times. And taking that first, and probably only shot, and guaranteeing it inside 1 MOA of your point of aim (POA) out to 600 yards. 

Rifle range steel
19 pieces of steel on rifle range.

Don’t take my word for it. Watch any PRS or NRL match. How many times do shooters have to fire followup shots to get the prescribed amount of hits? Most. Many of those guns can hold 1/4MOA with handholds. Most probably 1/3MOA. 

New gloves.
Never touch steel without gloves. 1. It’ll cut straight to the bone. 2. All steel is covered in what? Lead.

Here’s the answer. People who don’t actually shoot in the field think being called a 1MOA shooter is an insult. People who actually shoot in the filed would love to be known as a 1MOA shooter since that makes them one of the best in the world. 

If you know, you know. 






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