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Good Day, Bad Day, Same Day

Good Day. Bad Day. Same Day.
Good Day. Bad Day. Same Day. Rifle Shooting.

So a few days ago, Freeze and I were discussing something he has been forced to wrap his head around: Bad video. 

When you shoot video, there will be bad video. Hell! Someone out there probably thinks all my video is bad video. And that’s fair. 

But don’t get it twisted…we don’t speed up or fluff stuff to make us look better. However…setting up cameras to shoot guns shooting is somewhat of an art. 

Sometimes you are out of frame. Sometimes the audio isn’t there. Other times, vibration may destroy a video sequence. I.E. having a camera sitting on the same surface you are operating on. Or having brass fly across the range and whack the lens! 

You’ve all seen it. And may times it does not come out looking super cool! But I digress…

However…somedays you just suck rocks: You can’t shoot. The guns don’t work. Your form looks like a PSA for seizure meds. It happens. And in this video it happens to me. So let me setup the situation. 

The shelter construction has ended and the picnic tables were just delivered. So…I need to figure out how to use picnic tables? What works? What doesn’t? Longways? Short-ways? Gear? Cameras? The works. 

Well…the first strings started out VERY, VERY rough. Cameras vibrating, guns falling, shooter who can’t shoot. Short of a kaboom, it happened that string. 

So…after it was over and I watched the videos; I took a break. Got something to eat. And came back ready for string two. And cleaned it. 

So the video you will watch is the “clean string” with some of the foibles sprinkled in to keep it real. Carlos Hathcock I am not. I have good days. I have bad days. And sometimes I have both on the same day. 

Special note to Freeze: Don’t worry so much about things. DO what you can, when you can, the best you can. We’ll figure out the video together. And I guarantee, if you “Tex Grebner” your leg? I’ll make that shit go viral. 







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